Become Autodesk Certified Professional in Civil 3D

Until I release my own courses about how to become Autodesk Certified Civil 3D Professional. Autodesk released a free Autodesk Civil 3D on-line training course.

The official Autodesk course is an overview of skills that match what is covered in the Civil 3D for Infrastructure Design Exam.

The Autodesk Certified Civil 3D Professional courseware follows the typical workflow and features of the Autodesk Civil 3D software, including sections on:

  • Points, parcels, and surveying.
  • Surfaces and grading.
  • Alignments and profiles.
  • Corridors and sections.
  • Pipe networks, and plan production and data management.

The course is more than a mouthful. It is divided into two weeks.

Points, Parcels, Surfaces, and Grading

  • 10 hours to complete
  • 55 videos (242 minutes)
  • 10 Readings
  • 2 Quizzes

Alignments, Profiles, Corridors, Pipe Networks, and Plan Production

  • 13 hours to complete
  • 57 videos (276 minutes)
  • 11 Readings
  • 3 Quizzes

If you are a civil engineering or survey organization principal or a Civil 3D CAD Manager, this free course gives you a powerful tool to up the game of your staff.

Hisham Fawzy
Hisham Fawzy

Fingerprintvideos Founder & Autodesk Certified Instructor

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